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-Train your team

From the system experts

Leta Greene

“With a busy direct sales and speaking business, I had WAY TOO MUCH to manage in my head. I felt like I could never check out of my business and enjoy my amazing life. I love that Insightly now manages all of my tasks, projects, and contacts. Now, I can manage my team and my business from anywhere and I have freed up space in my life and mind to even pick up biking! To really implement and use Insightly, it is vital to have guided setup, and training to ensure it was set up correctly.

Leta Greene Speaker, Author, Makeup Artist & Mom
Eric Sessions

“Insightly provides simple and powerful automation for our IT company. Complex IT processes can be performed in a systemized and consistent manner for our clients utilizing Insightly’s pipelines. Business Made Simple was quickly able to define our processes. As our company grows, we discover and automate more process on a regular basis. It is effectual for each technician to have one location to review all of their tasks and projects. “


Jump Start Your Productivity Immediately

Most CRM users jump on board before they know how it will work with their business. If you've implemented CRM's in the past and they haven't worked for your business, this course will teach you how to set up your system and prepare you and your business for long term implementation and success!

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Module #1 - Automating with Insightly

Identify how a CRM supports your business goals, what features are most important to your companies success and how a CRM will impact each role in your company.

Module #2 - Customization: Designing YOUR System

Learn how to sign up for Insightly, customize the look to match your brand, add users, set up teams, adjust notification settings, and many more important ways you can customize your CRM to support your business. 

Module #3 - Contact, Task and Project Management

Learn how to migrate all your contacts and important information into Insightly like a pro, manage tasks and set up a system to track and manage your sales process.

Module #4 - Pipelines: Where the Magic Happens

Identify the pipelines that apply to your business, use activity sets to manage different stages of each pipeline and identify daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks each person in your company does and create a system to track and manage them.

Module #5 - Automating Pipelines

Now that you’ve done the hard work of identifying and building out your pipelines, we’ll show you how to upload and automate your pipelines in Insightly.

Module #6 - Integrations and Training

Learn how to integrate software like Quickbooks, Evernote and Mailchimp with your Insightly. In order to ensure your company's success in implementing Insightly as a CRM, learn tools the professionals use to train and support companies in using the software.

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